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Direct Sound, LLC is proud to collaborate with Artists, Medical Professionals, and those with interest  in the Health and Wellbeing of others.


Rich' Pipo

Limited Edition Rich' Pipo EX25 Plus 
Pearl Headphone

The reimagined lightweight and affordable EX25 Plus features best in class comfort and fidelity that sets it apart from other noise-cancellation headphones. 

Rich Pipo Collage 476x300.jpg


Northh Medical

For the first time, the Northh Medical's innovative smart-sync delivers instant crisp images of the fetal heart. 

Northh Med Collage.jpg

Healthcare and Wellness

The Sound of Healing

The Sound of Healing offers patients the opportunity to express themselves through music. Creating music is a way for a patient to escape, communicate and express their feelings. 

SOHealing Style child product 819x452.jpg
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